My Pics


Parts of my cactus collection:


Some pictures from Sweden:

Dalarö (south-east from Stockholm) in the spring

Pictures from a 3 day trip to the north of Sweden, Norway and Finland i did with my friend Markus

(more pics to come)

Me somewhere north-west from Kiruna (north of Sweden)

Left pic, my friend Markus, right pic, me, enjoying a nice meal

Narvik (north of Norway) around midnight...

Leaving Norway...

And entering Finland...

Somewhere on this lake is the point where Sweden, Norway and Finland meets, it is called "Treriksröset"

Even in june there is enough ice to take a walk... ok, i didn't go so far on it !

Where will we go now ?

Not too curvy up here !

We've met more "rendjur" there than we saw other cars !

Crossing the artic circle to the south...

Me at Sat playing with the other guys from the tek team:

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