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I'm Martin Herren. Welcome on my little place on the web. Here you'll find some infos about myself.


So, that's what you'll find on this page:

My Address

My address is:

        Martin Herren
        Ch. des Lilas 17
        CH-1018 Lausanne

        tel: +41 (0) 79 746 57 83
        email: sputnik@on-the-web.ch

My C.V.

Something like a mini curriculum vitae:
  • Born the 21th of September 1976 in Brugg, AG (Switzerland)
  • Grown up in Montreux (1979-1988) Geneva (1988-1994) and Zürich (1994-1997)
  • Did the first half of the High-School in Geneva, the other half in Zürich
  • 1997: Military service and under-officer school with practical service in the transmission troops of the Swiss Army
  • October 1997 - March 2003: Micro-engineering study at the Federal Institute of Technologies in Lausanne (EPFL)
  • 2000-2001: Exchange year at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2001: Officer school in the transmission troops of the Swiss Army
  • October 2002 - March 2003: Diploma work at the VRLab
  • Since April 2004: working for XA SA where i'm developing a new EMV/EP2 compatible payement terminal. (EMV is the new worldwide norm for chip card based payement systems, like MasterCard, Visa, JCB, PostCard and many more, which will be launched in Europe January 1st 2005. EP2 is the national implementation of EMV in Switzerland, covering also the whole communication with Acquirer/Bank. XA SA will launch a new payement terminal compatible with EMV/EP2 end of 2004.)

My Studies

My diploma courses where
  • Micro-electronics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Analog IC design
  • Digital IC design
  • Digital system design
  • Micro-structures
  • MEMS (Micro-sensors, Micro-actuator, bulk and surface silicon micro-machining
  • Audio
  • Industrial and Intellectual property law
Semester projects:
  • Motion edition application running on IRIX at the Computer Graphics Lab (LIG), now called VR-Lab (Virtual Reality Lab).
  • Bluetooth LAN access point implemented on an embedded Linux system based on a development board from Axis at the Micro-system Institute of the University of Neuchâtel.
Diploma work:
  • Motion edition library and application running on Windows at the VRLab.

I also worked as an assistant for the labs of the C programming course given to the first year micro-engineering students by Prof. R. Boulic.

My Activities

Other activities:
  • member of the GULL (Linux User Group of the region of the lake Leman)
  • member of GnuGeneration, an association at the EPFL for the promotion of Open-Source software
  • developer of 3dc, an open source 3D-file converter. It's still in highly alpha state and currently almost unmaintened... but i hope to get again some time to continue working on it
  • one of the developer of Protux, an open-source multi-track recorder for professional applications
  • sound technician for Satellite, the student bar at the EPFL

My Hobbies

sometime i even have time to practice a hobby...
My hobbies are:
  • working on computers using Linux
  • wind-surfing, if there is enough wind and i have time...
  • Karate
  • playing bass-guitar
  • my cactus collection. If you click here you'll see some of them
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