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Microsoft's vision
To Gates or not to Gates, that's the question
It was a beautiful Monday morning in spring 2040. At 7 o'clock my Microsoft wake up clock rang and I got up. After having a shower and breakfast, I switched on the MSNN (Microsoft News Network) to hear the news. In London, a computer freak had just been sentenced to death by the Microsoft court for using Netscape Software on the internet. In Columbia, another mafia organisation had been raided by the Microsoft Police Force. Now the last underground clan, Sun, that produced illegal software called Java had been exterminated. The US president William Gates II just announced a new bill, that will make it illegal to own any non-Microsoft products. Till now, only the use of it was prohibited.
At 7.30 it was time for school. So I switched on my Microsoft Internet Station an booted Windows NT 45.0. Three fatal errors and one system crash later I logged on to the Microsoft School network. Damn, I forgot to do my Maths homeworkl. So I called my classmate Jimmy in New Zealand via MSTS (Microsoft Telecommunication Services) and asked him what we had to do. After that I had history in the first lesson. Our Microsoft teacher told us something about the 20th century, when there were different companies. Unbelievable! Cars, TVs, telephones, food etc. without a Microsoft seal.
When school was finished, I sent an email to my dad at space station "Gates 3" and told him, that our TV set had to be fixed because of a system error, which destroyed the control software. For lunch, I had an MS Burger and a MicroCoke from McGates. Today, there was no school in the afternoon, because tomorrow was Bill Gates birthday, a world wide holiday, and everybody had to prepare for the big Microsoft parties all over the world. I really wonder if there still were any rebels who are against Microsoft and who use other products. I couldn't imagine. Especially, since the MSSS (Microsoft Secret Service) has video cameras in any private house.
In the evening we went to the MS-Bar. I Bought a Microsoft coke for 10 Euro and had a smoke-free non nicotine Microsoft cigarette. After a chat with Melissa from Australia via my MS personal display, I downloaded the last bugfix for the Mobile Internert Software. More and more people entered the bar. Many people were dancing on the tables and we were thinking about leaving the bar.
Outside, there were about 25C, although it was April, but the Microsoft weather control station increased the temperature because og the celebrations. At midnight there were fireworks everywhere and 87 year old Bill Gates I. held a speech on TV. He talked about his dreams of establishing space stations on every planet in the solar system and building a new station on Mars, because there had been technical problems with the old one.
About an hour later, I was tired and tried to drive home, but the car had a bug again. The control software didn't accept my fingerprint and so I had to call the Microsoft Instant Repair Service. They logged on to my car via remote access and fixed the problem. While driving home, I became so tired, that I had to switch to auto-drive and fell asleep.
The next morning; I woke up in my med, switched on my TV, but couldn't find the Microsoft chaneel. Then I looked around and saw products from different firms, but no Microsoft products. I guess it was just a nightmare.
Or was it a vision of the future????
written by Oliver Tiedemann
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